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The Foundation Stone“When the Holy One, blessed is He, created His world, He created it like an infant born from its mother. For a fetus born from the mother, begins from its navel and expands outward to all four directions so too, the Holy One, blessed is He, began to create the world from the Foundation Stone and from that, the entire world was established.” - Midrash Tanchuma – Pikudei #3


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Confessions: Introduction: Achieving Greatness Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe attempt to take advantage of every level of relationship we have with God to beseech Him to forgive us for our sins. We express our desire to repair all the different aspects of our relationship with God
Confessions: Ashamnu Print E-mail

Achieving Greatness“When affliction and suffering are visited upon the evildoer whose thought is constantly to persist in his wrongdoing – ‘ashamav’ -, he must accept chastisement at the outset, abandon his evil thought
Confessions: Bagadnu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessExodus 21:8: “For he has dealt deceitfully with her.” “B’vigdo ba” This verse is describing a man who purchased a young girl from her father. She will work as a slave until she is twelve, at which time,

Confessions: Gazalnu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessOne who eats without first reciting a blessing is stealing from K’nesset Yisrael – The Collective Power of Israel. I had an opportunity to expand God’s Presence in the world and I wasted the chance.
Confessions: Dibarnu Dofi Print E-mail

Achieving Greatness“You sit, against your brother you speak, to your mother’s son you bring contempt – ‘titein Dofi’. (Psalms 50:20) Rashi and Radak explain ‘dofi’ as defamation, to cast someone off,
Confessions: V'Hirshanu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe have caused wickedness. We have caused others to commit sins. (Artscroll Vidui) King Solomon, may Peace be upon him, spoke of the idea of repentance, and specified this idea of worry. He begins his words by
Confessions: H'evinu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe have caused perversion. We have corrupted good people and good values. (Artscroll Vidui)  “He should then assemble a row of men and say, ‘I have sinned, and perverted – He’eveiti – that which was right, and it profited me not.” (Job 33:27)
Confessions: Chamasnu Print E-mail

Achieving Greatness“The earth was corrupt before the Lord and the earth was filled with violent crime – Chamas. (Genesis 5:11) Rashi defines Chamas as robbery. “The earth is filled with violent crime – Chamas – because of them,
Confessions: Zadnu Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe sinned willfully and compounded our sins by justifying them. (Artscroll Vidui) The Vilna Gaon, in his Commentary to Proverbs (13:10): describes Zadon as somebody who learns Torah only so that his opinion will be
Confessions: Tafalnu Sheker Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe have accused falsely. We have brought falsehood into our everyday lives. (Artscroll Vidui)  “They have slandered me falsely – ‘taflu ali sheker’ – the insolent – but with my whole heart I will keep Your precepts.” (Psalm 119:69)
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