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Prayer Tools-Kavanot for the Three Weeks-Breslav-Find Your Piety הדפסה דוא
נכתב ע"י Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Three-Weeks-Churban-Mourning-TempleA Chasid asked the Breslover, "You taught us that a person should apply every Psalm to himself. Is it proper for me to apply to myself the verses the in which Psalmist praises himself; for example, when he declares he is a pious man?”


The holy rebbe replied, “Every person is pious and observant in one matter or another. Look for a good quality in yourself, and it will help you in your endeavor to banish your bad qualities and improve your character (Hishtapchut haNefesh, page 18b).”

This is a perfect instruction to use in the final moments as we prepare to take our steps forward into the Amidah: look for a good quality in yourself and use it to empower your prayer, and to overcome any bad qualities that may limit your intimate connection with God.

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