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Shavuot Tools-The Tzemach Tzedek (Krochmal): Toil In Torah הדפסה דוא

shavuot-toolsFortunate is the man who has found wisdom and can express understanding, so that he can delve into deeper understandings. A Person must plow the “earth” of Torah each day so that more insights can grow and develop, and the “earth” can sprout new and fresh ideas and insights.

Part of plowing is to learn how to separate between what is permitted and what is prohibited. God will see the person working and will bless him with new wisdom, deeper understanding and a sense of accomplishment.

One who understands that God “plants righteousness and harvests new light,” will connect to the essence of his toil in Torah and will be blessed with wisdom, understanding, and how to use them to cleave even closer to God. (From the Introduction to the Tzemach Tzedek Krochmahl)

Apply to Shabbat-The Thirty Nine Melachot-Plowing

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