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Eloul: Desire Print

Elul La qualité particulière de ces jours, pour allumer notre aspiration à revenir à Hachem, a ses racines dans la première expérience Eloul Israël comme une nation, quand les gens ont baigné dans le repentir intense sur le péché du Veau d'Or

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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev-Mitzvah 429-Concept 14-Loving Converts Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Loving-ConvertsTranscribed and unedited: The next mizvah is you should love a ger. And the Rambam says it, again, in Hilchot Deiot, he says that there are two mitzvoth to love a ger, one is as a Jew, and the other is as a convert.
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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev-Mitzvot 434-435-Concepts 54-55-Idols & Coverings Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-IdolsTranscribed and unedited: The two mitzvoth are l’lo tavi to’eivah el beitecha, that you should not bring an abomination into your house, and number fifty five is that you should not desire any of the gold or silver that is used to cover over idols.
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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev- Mitzvah 431-Concept 77-Serving God Through Prayer Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Serving-God-Through-PrayerTranscribed and unedited: There are two laws in Hilchot Tefillah. Two positive commandments. The first positive commandment is you should serve G-d every day through prayer. Second one is that the Kohanim should bless
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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev-Mitzvah 432-Concept 12-Attach Yourself To Those Who Know God Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Dveikus-Attaching“You should be in awe of God, your Lord, you shall serve Him, and you should attach yourself to Him, and in His Name you shall swear (Deuteronomy 10:20).” How does one attach to God? According to the Rambam, the Mitzvah - Concept is to Attach to those who know God.
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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev-Mitzvah 430-Concept 5-Awe Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Awe-YirahMitzvah 430/Concept 5-The Book of Awareness - The Laws of the Foundations of the Torah- 5.You Shall Be in Awe of God.
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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev-Mitzvah 430-Concept 85-Birchat-Hamazon-Further Blessings Imprimer Envoyer
Écrit par Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Birchat-haMazonThe Maharsha (Nazir 66b) adds an important dimension to Birchat Hamazon, Grace After Meals. He explains that there is a strong element of Divine Justice in the world that is constantly battling to express itself in Creation.  This attribute
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Parsha Mitzvot-Eikev-Mitzvah 430-Concept 85-Birchat Hamazon-Dangerous Knives Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Birchat-Hamazon-BenchingWhat is the reason for the custom of removing knives from the table before reciting the Grace After Meals? S.H.
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Parsha Mitzvot-Vaetchanan-Eikev-Concepts 4-5- Love & Awe Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Love-AweTranscribed and unedited: Now, the obvious problem is, what do you mean, that there is a mitzvah to love God. You can’t hold a gun to someone’s head and say, “Love me.” So, obviously, the mitzvah is, as the Rambam says as follows:
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Parsha Mitzvot - Vaetchanan-Eikev-Introduction To Sefer Ahavah Imprimer Envoyer

Parsha-Mitzvot-Taryag-Sefer-AhavahVaetchanan and Eikev include many of the Mitzvot - Concepts from the second volume of the Rambam’s Yad HaChazakah, Sefer Ahavah - The Book of Love. I attach the following transcribed & unedited essay as an introduction to the
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The Seven Levels of Nechama-Two-Confrontation Imprimer Envoyer

Nechama-ComfortTranscribed and unedited: The second of the Seven Haftarot of Nechama - Comfort begins in Isaiah, chapter forty-nine, verse fourteen.  Read an unbelievable haftarah: VaTomer Tzion, and Tzion says, Azavanee Hashem, G-d has left me,
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