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Kiddush Levana: Becoming a Ben Olam ha-Bah Print E-mail

Kidush Levana“To the moon He said that it should renew itself as a crown of splendor for those borne by Him from the womb (Blessing of Kiddush Levana).” Israel counts the months by the moon. On Rosh ha-Shanah the year is renewed, but for Israel, there is a gift of renewal each month so that they do not sink into the physical world and acting by rote. Anything we do for more than thirty days, Halachically, is considered habit and rote. Just as one who see that Sea at times (Berachot 59b), recites a blessing only if it has been more than thirty days, at which time it becomes a “renewed” experience. This is why we were granted the gift of renewal each month.


Each month renews the Divine Guidance of the world, and offers a different relationship. In truth, one who lives on This World is unable to appreciate and relate to the renewed Guidance and Providence, as the verse say, “There is nothing new under the sun (Kohelet 1:9).” However, the Children of Israel are not considered to live in THis World, but in Olah ha-Bah, the World to Come, and are therefore able  to receive the renewal offered by the new month.

This is the meaning of, ““To the moon He said that it should renew itself as a crown of splendor for those borne by Him from the womb.” This was a gift granted at the redemption from Egypt. Therefore, the verse says, “And you shall guard these statutes from day to day (Shemot 13:10),” meaning, to attach the day here in This World to the Day in Heaven, and receive its full illumination, as in, “Day following day brings expressions of praise (Psalms 19:3),” meaning, from one level following another level, for there are “days,” and there are days. The “Days” above the sun offer Hidchadshut, renewal.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, in His Goodness illuminates each day with new light, new opportunities, new potential, and new growth.

Our responsibility is to protect and desire to receive the illumination that comes from renewal. This is what KIng David meant when he said, “I waken the morning (Berachot 4a).”

Sefat Emet, Bo, 5658

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