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Shemah: Planting Mitzvot Print E-mail

Shemah-Kavanot-Chanukah-Light“For He alone is exalted and holy, effects mighty deeds, makes new things, is Master of wars, sows kindnesses, makes salvations flourish.”


Every action done here below, if it is done with the intention of serving the Holy King, produces a “breath” in the world above, and there is no breath which has no voice; and this voice ascends and grounds itself in these supernal world and becomes an intercessor before the Holy one, Blessed is He.

The act done and the word spoken in the service of the Holy One, however, ascend high above the sun and become a holy breath, which is the seed sowed by man in that world, and is called righteousness, as it is written, “Sow for yourselves according to righteousness (Hosea 10:12).”

This “breath” brings it into the region of the supernal glory, and guides the departed soul so that it is, “Bound with the bundle of life with God (I Samuel 25:29).”

It is concerning this that it is written, “Your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of God shall gather you up (Isaiah 58:8).”

That which is called “the Glory of God” gathers up the souls of that “holy breath,” and this is indeed ease and comfort for them.

Blessed are the righteous whose works are “above the Sun” and who plant the seed of righteousness which makes them worthy to enter the world to come, and concerning whom it is written, “To you that fear My name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings (Malachi 3:20).” [Zohar II 59a]

Shemah-Kavanot-Chanukah-LightWe remind ourselves in this blessing that the very words we speak have the potential to be the “New Light” that we seek. We can create seeds of light that will accompany us to the highest worlds and to the world to come with each word of prayer we recite with proper intention. (Excellent Kavanah for Chanukah)

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