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Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Hallel Paragraph Three Print E-mail

Hallel“God remembered us and will bless –
Bless the House of Israel –
On Rosh Hashanah we stood as the House of Israel when we celebrated His Coronation as King, His covenant with the House of Israel in Zichronot, and as the highest expression of the House of Israel when we reconnected to the Shofarot of Sinai.

Bless the House of Aaron –
We all stood with the Kohen Gadol on Yom Kippur when he entered the Holy of Holies; we were all members of the House of Aaron.

Bless those who are in awe of God, the insignificant with the great.

We lived in our awe of God as we willingly stepped from the safety of our homes into the unstable Succah.

God will enhance you – you and your children.

We stood during the festivals with all the generations of Jews who have celebrated and observed them for more than two thousand years, all over the world, no matter the situation or circumstance: the most powerful expression of God’s blessing to “You and your children.” (See Introduction to Siddur Ya’avetz)

You are blessed to God Who made the heavens and the earth.

This verse refers to Rosh Hashanah, the anniversary of the creation of Adam.

The heavens are God’s, while the earth has been given to people.
This verse describes our Yom Kippur experience of, “That dwells among them amidst their impurities,” here on earth.

The dead do not praise the Creator of Worlds,
nor do those who go down to their doom.

This verse describes the power of Succot to stir life even as the world is approaching the “death” of autumn.

But we – we praise the Creator of Worlds – From now and forever –
This verse describes our Simchat Torah experience of eternal life through Torah.


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