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iAttach-Amidah-Kavanot for the Three Weeks-Empowerment-Breslov Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Three-Weeks-Churban-Mourning-TempleThe Breslover taught, “Some people hesitate to speak to God in an intimate manner. They lack the audacity that accompanies holiness. Let them recollect, however, that they must constantly battle a mighty enemy, their Evil Inclination. Should then an insignificant thing restrain them? It is like a general who orders an attack on a fort only to retreat because some cobwebs hang down from the walls (Hishtapchut haNefesh, page 21a).”


The period of the Three Weeks is certainly a time when we hesitate to speak directly to God. It is a time of destruction and tragedy, and we often feel disempowered. However, it is specifically at such a time when our prayers are most needed. This is the time when we must pray with the greatest audacity:

The second blessing of the Amidah is Gevurot - Empowerment. We must use this empowerment to build up the necessary audacity to pray that this Three Weeks not conclude with the destruction of Tisha b'Av, but with the 9th of Av as a day of rejoicing because the Temple has been rebuilt.

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