Parsha Mitzvot: Tzav: Mitzvah 138 - Concept 398 Print

Parsha Mitzvot“If his feast-offering is for a vow or a donation, it must be eaten on the day he offered his feast-offering; and on the next day, what is left over may be eaten. What is left over from the flesh of the feast-offering shall be burned in the fire on the third day (Vayikra 7:16-17).” We are commanded to burn the left over sacrifices (Rambam, Hilchot P’sulei ha-Mukdashim - The Laws of Disqualified Offerings).


Each day has its unique potential and opportunity, and a person must be sure to not delay till the morrow seizing the moment. (Rekanati)

A person must begin by reviewing lost opportunities and actively addressing them (Zehirut), only then will he develop the necessary awareness to take full advantage of his opportunities (Zerizut).