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Parsha Mitzvot: Bo: Mitzvah 16 – Concept 111 Print E-mail

Parsha Mitzvot“You shall not eat any leavening.” (Exodus 12:20) We are prohibited from eating mixtures containing Chametz all seven days of Pesach. (Rambam, Hilchot Chametz U’Matzah)

There are often times when the Evil Inclination will present something as a Mitzvah when it is actually a sin, and a sin as a Mitzvah. Perhaps the most common strategy is to make us feel guilty, which then limits our joy and ability to grow. “My giving charity to this person will not ultimately help him help himself.” “It is a Mitzvah to speak evil of such a person.”

The Yetzer Harah deprives us of clarity.

We make a special effort on Pesach as we step into freedom and begin the process of preparing for Revelation, by be extra careful not to confuse good and bad with one another.
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