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Tehillim Tools 119:8: Ramchal Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Ramchal“Your statutes, I will preserve, do not forsake me, entirely (Psalms 119:8).” There is no doubt how hard a person must strive and toil to be able to observe all of God’s commandments, for the Evil Urge prevention, the external influences preventing, suffering prevents them and all sorts of stumbling blocks will do all they can to prevent this person from guarding all the Commandments. Therefore, King David sings, that no matter what rises up against them he will do all he can to observe all of God’s Statutes.


However, he is not simply stating that he will observe God’s commandments, he is saying that he will strive to observe all the Commandments even with his Small Mind so that he will be blessed by God to be able to fulfill them with his Great Mind. He understands that the Commandments themselves will transform him from one who approaches God with his Small Mind into one who can attach to God with his Great Mind, however, the only way he will succeed is if, “do not forsake me.” (Ramchal; Tehillim)

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