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Bible-Personalities-Yitzchak-Evil Inclination As Partner Print E-mail

Bible-Biblical-Personalities-IsaacIsaac was born on Nisan 15 (Rosh Hashanah 10b): There are two methods in the great principle of serving God. One is to cleanse your thoughts first and then performs the mitzvah, whether of deeds or words, so that it will be pure and lucid, without any ulterior motive.


That is the mystery of, “And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the evening (Genesis 24:63).” “At the evening,” refers to alien and evil thoughts, of which Isaac would carefully read himself before he began to pray. Before doing so he made sure that his prayer would be as clear as the very heavens, as bright as day.

But there is another way, deeper than the first, that I heard from my master, the Baal Shem Tov, that we should begin studying Torah, praying, or performing a mitzvah in association with the Evil Urge, and not for their own sake. In this way, we prevent the Evil Inclination from attacking us, so that we will be able to complete our session of studying Torah, praying, or doing mitzvot, for its own sake.

The conclusion is to first try to deceive the Evil Inclination by cooperating with it, and then, showing ourselves to be mighty as lions, to perform the God's service for its own sake.

Admittedly there is danger involved in this approach. You may be captivated by the Evil Inclination while associated with it, and then there is no telling who will emerge that tore us. Perhaps you will no longer be able to separate from it afterwards.

Nevertheless, remember that if you are careful you may succeed, and pray to God to help you in the struggle against the Evil Inclination. This way may well turn out to be better than the first one mentioned above (Toledot Yaakov Yosef; Vayishlach)

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iPray-iLove-Shema: With all your hearts; also with your Evil Inclination.

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Haggadah: Using the reminders of slavery to achieve a state of redemption is practicing using the Evil Inclination as a partner in our service of God.

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