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Ibn Ezra: When Will They Rouse? Print E-mail

Ibn EzraWhen will they rouse from their slumber
They whose minds are sleeping?

When will they reflect upon their latter end
That they have forgotten the day of departure?

When will they forsake their loss
That they are overcome by error?
Their eyes are daubed, that they cannot see,
Their hearts, that they cannot understand.

They that were settled upon their place
Say you! Where are they?
Their palaces and their towers
Are ruins in a waste
Ruins that know them not;
They were forgotten the day that they departed
to dwell in the holes of the earth.
Their silver and the gold were worthless
On the day of wrath;
And all the wealth of their treasure houses
Availed their souls nothing.

Woe unto him that would gather to himself
That which is not his,
Burdening himself with guilt.
He boasts of his wealth,
But it is a snare to his feet;
And what will he have for all his trouble,
When misfortune confounds him,
Gathering the produce of his toil,
And plucking the fruit of his endeavors?

For the day must come when his ways and his deeds
Shall go forth to meet him.

Pity me, pity me, for the hand of God has touched me!
Friends of my heart, teach me what I shall do
On the day of my trial.
For it was the hands of my evil thoughts
That built my path;
And defiled with the stains of my sin,
How shall I approach my Father?
O God, let the vicissitudes of men
Expiate their sins!
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