Vaeira-Raising Up Print

The-Foundation-Stone-Parsha-Vaeira-BibleIt is written, “I will bring you into the land, which I lifted up My hand to give it to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob, and I will give it to you as an inheritance (Exodus 6:8).” The concept of God “lifting His hand,” can be understood through the following example:


A royal prince waged war with his bitter enemy and the emerged victorious. The king was very happy with his son's victory, and out of joy, filled the desire of every individual who petitioned him. It is the way of the king to fulfill the desire of his petitioners when he is in a state of happiness.

During this time of joy, the royal prince’s defeated enemy also came to petition the king. Now if the king were not to think of the root of his joy, he might be inclined to grant the petition even of this enemy. But when the King considers the root of his joy, which was this enemy’s defeat at the hands of his son, he ignores the enemy's petition.

It is written, “I am my Beloved’s, and to me is His desire (Of Songs 7:11).” We are taught that “Israel arose first in thought.” All creation was for the sake of Israel. When Israel follows God's will, then to the extent that we can express it, He rejoices and has pleasure from His people. Indeed, it was because of this pleasure that God created all universes.

God then grants good to Israel, as well as to all worlds. He constricts His abundance with an Attribute, in order to transmit it to each universe. The Outside Forces of evil then come; they also wish to receive sustenance from this Attribute. God then raises up the Attribute through which He grants sustenance to all worlds. He scrutinizes it and gazes at it with His original thought.

The original thought was Israel, who “arose first in thought.” It is because of the souls of Israel that this sustenance comes to all worlds. Sustenance is then given only to Israel, and the Outside Forces cannot receive anything from this Attribute. This Attribute is called an aspect of Hand, since it is the hand that gives and sustains.

When God desires to help His people Israel, He raises up this Attribute in order to scrutinize it with His original thought. This Attribute then distributes God's abundance to His holy people Israel and not to the Outside Forces.

It is thus written, “I will raise My hand to heaven, and I will say, I live forever (Deuteronomy 32:40).” God is saying, “I will lift up My Attribute that is called Hand up to the heaven, to scrutinize it with the original thought.” This is alluded to in the phrase, “I live,” since the Original Thought is called Life, the World of Freedom.

The Attribute with which God gives sustenance is otherwise not in a state of Freedom, and is therefore not called Life. It's Life “hangs in the balance,” because if the universes are worthy, they receive sustenance, and if not, this sustenance is denied.

It is therefore written, “I will bring you to the land,” implying that God's abundance is only given to “you.” This is because of the fact that “I have lifted up My hand,” God lifted up the Attribute that is called Hand, and scrutinized it with the Original Thought. As a result, His abundance is given to “you,” and not to the Outside Forces.

The-Foundation-Stone-Parsha-VaeiraThis is also the mystery of the raising of hands in the blessing of the Kohanim. What is raised up is the Attributes through which sustenance is granted to all worlds. This Attribute is scrutinized by the Highest Root. The Outside Forces then cannot receive this Sustenance, and it is only given to Israel. (Kedushat Levi, Vaeira)