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Confessions: A Chesed For God Print E-mail

Achieving Greatness“For with You is forgiveness”:  !  (Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor Ashkenaz, Page 324)
It is known that all the souls of Israel are a חלק אלק ממעל/a part of the Lord above, and that our job
Confessions II: Introduction Print E-mail

Yom KippurThere are two things we have to keep in mind when we recite the Viddui.  We have to be aware of all the specific sins that we did in the past year, and then

Confessions II: Ashamnu Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have been destructive, we have damaged ourselves spiritually, we are not even aware of the damage we have caused ourselves.   Because of our sins is that we have made it difficult to change
Confessions II: Bagadnu Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have been deceitful or we have betrayed ourselves, and sins that we have done that have broken us away from our true selves. By the way, this is included in the Al cheit which reads that we have
Confessions II: Gazalnu Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have taken what belongs to others and we have caused ourselves to lose what is ours. Now I am sure there is no one here who would ever steal.  Let’s say someone is sleeping and I wake him up.  That’s  stealing.
Confessions II: Dibarnu Dofi Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have used our mouths we’ve used for speaking truth for speaking evil.  Dofi includes gossip and insults.  When we say one thing and mean another, or we find what is negative to say, rather than the positive, we are pushing
Confessions II: H'evinu Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have corrupted ourselves and others.  For example, if we decide a Halacha without knowing the right way, even if we are correct.  Or, taking things that are for good and turning them for bad.
Confessions II: V'hirshanu Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have treated the righteous as being evil.  For example, saying, “He’s no tzaddik!  And he claims to be a Rabbi?”  Or, assuming the worst of other’s motivation: “Ah, he does this and so-and-so? He couldn’t possibly
Confessions II: Zadnu Print E-mail

Yom KippurWe have sinned deliberately.  We have allowed ourselves to forget our learning, which causes us to sin.  We make Halachic decisions all the time without adequate information. We have
Service of the Kohen Gadol: As A King Print E-mail

Holy of HoliesIn the song that describes the face of the Cohen Gadol when he finishes the service we say that he “Wears the crown of the king.”  He too, on this day, represents the entire nation. It is he who recites the confession
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