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Confessions: Ya'atznu Ra Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessWe have given evil counsel. We have abused the trust of others by giving bad advice. (Artscroll Vidui) Tov – good – is expansive, as is the Source of all good, God. Ra – evil – is limited and restrictive.
Yom Kippur: We Are Angels Print E-mail

Yom KippurIt does not seem to be that difficult to become an angel.  One moment we are people and then magically, as Yom Kippur begins, we achieve the status of angels. Our new status has a Halachic reality; we, humans, do not recite “Baruch shem kivod malchuto l’olam
Confessions: On My Own Print E-mail

Achieving GreatnessMy God, before I was formed I was unworthy, and now that I have been formed, it is as if I had not been formed... (Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor Ashkenaz, Page 99.)
Confessions: Unlimited Kindness Print E-mail

Achieving Greatness“For great above the very heavens is Your Kindness... ” (Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor Ashkenaz, Page 104) There is another verse that says, “Your kindness is great up to the heavens. ”   Why does one verse say above the heavens,
Service of the Kohen Gadol: One & One Print E-mail
Yom Kippur Service“One. one and one, one and two...” (Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor Ashkenaz, Page 564) On Yom Kippur the Kohan Gadol is crowned with the crowns of the upper worlds, crowns of light and achievement.  He stands between the upper worlds
Service of the Kohen Gadol: Incense Print E-mail

Holy of HoliesThe most dangerous part of the service of the Cohen Gadol on Yom Kippur was when he entered the Kodesh Kodashim, the Holy of Holies. The most dangerous of all the times he entered was when he went in to offer the incense.
Service of the Kohen Gadol: Holy of Holies Print E-mail

Holy of HoliesThe service takes place in the Holy of Holies. The Midrash says that whoever prays in Jerusalem it is as if he prayed in front of the Divine Throne . Jerusalem itself reaches all the way to the Divine Throne .
Service of the Kohen Gadol: Beyond Time Print E-mail

Holy of HoliesThere is only one holiday in Parashat Pinchas that is not referred to as a day. Every holiday except Yom Kippur is called “Yom” either by number or by a title. “Yom Hachamishi. Yom Teruah. Yom Habikkurim.”
Service of the Kohen Gadol: Off The Cliff Print E-mail

Holy of HoliesWhen the agent of the Jews was sent to the mountains to throw the goat of Azazel off the cliff he would stop at a series of booths along the way to prevent him from breaking the laws of Techum Shabbat, the boundaries of the Shabbat.
Confessions: Calling Out Print E-mail

Achieving Greatness“And Hashem passed before him and Moshe called out”: (Artscroll Yom Kippur Machzor Ashkenaz, Page 110) Imagine that you were walking alone late a night with a wallet filled with money.
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